Brand: Possets

Scent Description: A little known Spanish word, it’s the female version of Macho. A woman who is hembra is able to do just about anything and be alluring and seductive at the same time whether fighting off enemies, nurturing babies, bringing home the bacon and anything in between. When you see a woman who is hembra you have to think, “What a woman!” The word is still in use in Cuba where “!Que hembra!” is the proper exclamation when presented with a newborn girl. The fragrance somehow manages to be fresh and gourmet at the same time. Fennel keeps things light while brown sugar sweetens it up without making it too sweet, a splash of crystal musk, and a slight amount of a silk like fragrance and this is the perfume you would wear to win the New World while keeping the Old World at your feet and not having to fire a shot!

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