Brand: Possets

Scent Description: The hennin was the tall and conical hat worn by ladies in the Middle Ages and is probably one of the most iconic of all garments from that time. I see this one as being one of the truest yet prettiest interpretations of the scent of linen (the fabric from which the hennin was made) and a wisp of incense like one would find in church or in the silk imported from China. A touch of galbanum, a whisper of grey musk, combines with a fabric accord which is hard to describe (don’t think Febreze, that isn’t even close). It’s a very intimate perfume, one with a light but persistent dry down and the sort of perfume which delights you after you have forgotten that you put it on, a stray whiff or two will have you thinking, “My goodness, this is a pretty smell!”

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