Hwah-teh’s Mouse

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: This blend recreates a squeaky little mouse pretty well! Lime and musk are the keynotes for Hwah-Teh’s Mouse. This lime is a very sweet type but escapes smelling like the inside of a key lime pie, it’s very refreshing and as if you just took a bite out of the fruit. Its musks are: green musk, blue musk, and white musk. Somehow that combination makes a cooler less stuffy blend which is perfect for muggy summer days when you want musk to cling but not overwork itself. Finally there is a secret ingredient in the bottle, a small amount of catnip! That’s right, it’s a nifty little topnote and adds a different kind of cool feeling to the whole. But don’t try it with your kitty, catnip EO doesn’t seem to move cats for some reason, only the leaves do! (I have tried this on my beta testers who are cats and was amazed but…that’s science for you). It’s a very pretty perfume, a little dry, but not over dry. very versatile great for day or evening.

Released: Permanent Blends

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