Infinite Sky Montana

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“Famed for it’s “”Big Sky”” optical blue effect, Montana is vast, gorgeous, cold and hot and dry and wet and all things. Therefore, I thought it should have a fragrance which is very flexible but alluring in all ways. Filled with base notes, to underscore its seriousness, Montana is indeed drop dead beautiful. This is where the rich and famous note of raw tobacco shows you why it is such a great favorite in perfumes.* Resinous, perfumy.

*As out of favor as tobacco is now, it is used and is fabulous in perfumes. It provides a sophisticated note which holds all the rest together. This is what tobacco is for. Don’t worry, it does not smell like cigarettes, it is not habit forming, and it won’t give you cancer when used as a perfume.USA.
Montana is only sold in 6 ml bottles. There are no sample sizes of Montana, nor is it sold in 10 ml bottles.”

Released: Endangered Blends

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