Judith Leyster Self Portrait

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

This one is just drop-dead lovely. The lilt of clove-like carnation takes on a drop of mint and a teaspoon of sugar. Rolled together they have the vibe of Frou-Frou but in a more grown up and sexy way. There is a hint of anise which rises up from it all. A remarkably feminine perfume which manages to retain a sophistication with a wink.

The image is a rare female self portrait in the Dutch style. I much confess I don’t know much about Judith Leyster, but this is her self portrait and it is as good as any the men produced. I am sure she was much put upon in her profession but I am glad I discovered her and her good natured self image. What a treat.

Floral, foody, minty, sexy.

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