Brand: Possets Perfume

Scent Description: One of the sexiest passages in the Bible is the tale of how Judith, a beautiful young widow, dresses herself and walks down the plain to introduce herself of Holofernes, deadly enemy of her people, and she will later slay him by cutting off his head in two hacks. She must have been irresistible, and I am sure that one of her weapons was a perfume to make any strong man weak in the knees.

This is very resinous, earthy, sexy perfume. It relies heavily on the glories of the Middle East. Dark Haitian vetiver and cardomom form the basis for the rest of the structure, of course there is a good lot of “white” sandalwood to perk things up, lots of tears of frankincense smooths it out, and there is a very light waft of Madagascar vanilla which goes a long with a goodly portion of rosewood. This is a tour de force of Possets at its best with resinous ingredients, and I project that it will be a favorite in the Valentines Collection. Very. Sexy.

1 thought on “Judith”

  1. I think I amp vetiver. I can pick out most of the notes on my skin but after about ten minutes the vetiver comes to the forefront and completely overpowers everything else in this perfume oil. If not for that, I would be in love with this resinous perfume oil. Be cautious if you also amp vetiver.

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