Linden Blossom Tea

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Refined and beautiful, the essence of sophistication and rare indeed. Linden tea reminds me of afternoons in Vienna, long shadows and the air filled with a fine honeyed scent of blooming lindens. Refreshing but comforting, it’s really only proper at the summery parts of the year. If it were a color it would be yellow

Released: Permanent Blends

2 thoughts on “Linden Blossom Tea”

  1. So pretty! A very light, sweet linden blossom scent with an underlying round white tea. It’s such a clean, fresh smell, and it doesn’t turn or sour with sweat. I’m a huge fan!

  2. The prettiest, brightest linden blossom scent – one of my absolute favs. Sweet linden blossoms combined with a hint of fresh floral tea. Evokes a beautiful afternoon picnic with brightly blooming linden blossoms all around. The light freshness makes it a really nice spring/summer scent.

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