Lord Byron-She Walks In Beauty, Like The Night…

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: One of the most dazzling poems ever written by one of the most extreme of poets. Byron was famously described by Lady Caroline Lamb (whom he ruined) as,”Mad, bad, and dangerous to know.” “She Walks In Beauty” has a composition of black oude, a musk which only has a number not a name, sandalwood, artemisia, rue, Arabian White Oude, pettigrain, elimi, silk essence, black tea, and an ingredient which I made and it’s hard to describe…I call it “The attractive no- perfume fragrance which I can’t describe or resist.” Strong, Sexual yet wise, long lasting, and classic.

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “Lord Byron-She Walks In Beauty, Like The Night…”

  1. I adore She Walks in Beauty but struggle to find the words to describe the scent. Somehow all of the ingredients combine to make a wonderful aroma. This sauce is strong…I can smell it on my skin and clothes the next day. I can detect most of the individual notes (musk, elemi, sandalwood, pettigrain) but cannot think of how to describe the scent as a whole. I personally love the smell of this out of the bottle and on my skin. Very unique!

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