Brand: Possets

Scent Description: A repeater which is a perennial favorite at Yule. The most creamy, delightfully mint-kissed, pleasing scent of the Yuletide. This is all things alluring and comforting in the darkest days of winter, crystalline and shiny. This is being indoors in the middle of a soft and twinkling snow storm. Back by popular demand from the beginning, a Yuletide favorite. A similarity to buttercremes, a real nod to candles, and a shot of cold cold outdoor air. Foody, minty, gourmand.

1 thought on “Luminaria”

  1. I’m not sure what went wrong here but Luminaria smells absolutely nothing like the notes listed. Ever read a scents description or reviews only to try it and wonder if you got a dud or possibly the wrong perfume oil? That’s where my mind is right now. My body chemistry and this scent do not mix. For the first few minutes upon application I get a slight minty note and something overwhelmingly musty and juuuuust shy of moldy. Within the first 5 minutes the hint of mint I was smelling disappears and the other “something” note amps on me. I stink like this for 2 hours and it’s gone. I’m not a fan of this one at all. It’s not foody or gourmand on me in the slightest and the minty aspect is gone almost as quick as my nose can register the note. I was hoping for something like Solstice Scents Snow Mint Mallow minus the coconut. I don’t get any impressions of cold outdoor air, buttercremes or candles in any form.

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