Brand: Possets

Scent Description: The most glorious feature of the great state of Maryland has to be its Chesapeake Bay. Nothing compares to the tang of its salty (!) waters and fishing abundance, the hidden marsh and green smells in August. I have captured the aquatic ring of the Free State. I ought to know what it is because I grew up there. I had to hunt for the right ingredients, and hunt for a long time but I finally got them all together and they truly do recreate for me summers in Maryland. Somehow it is heartbreakingly beautiful like my childhood which is gone, perhaps yours too, and the smell of the sand on the beach is in there under the wildly powerful sunbeat. The only thing I am missing is the call of the redwing blackbird; reminds me of a kettle going off on the stove because they are absolutely black and love to bake in the sun while clinging perilously to a cattail, and that is when they sing. One of the USA series, deeply aquatic with large lashings of ozone. The name “Wurter” is the way the watermen of the Bay say “water”.

Released: Permanent Blends

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