Midnight Mass at Old St Marys

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: The oldest church in Cincinnati is Old St. Mary’s (cir. 1841). Ornate, trimmed in every style you can think of, cold in the winter and filled with those who treasure the tradition of this wonderful ritual. A resinous incense blend, redolent with polished wood of the pews, the beeswax candles, and offertory fruits. The concept was suggested by a Possetier and I thought it would be lovely. Unisex and perfect for cold weather. Dry, resinous, and grown up.

Released: Permanent Blends

5 thoughts on “Midnight Mass at Old St Marys”

  1. This one is all cloven spiced oranges on me, which was surprising. It is a Christmas scent for sure and does perhaps have a hint of wood note in the back but mostly Christmas fruits on me throughout the wear.

  2. I completely forgot that I had this sample vial. I put it away to let it age. It’s been resting for at least 6 months if not longer. I didn’t get any incense out of this blend at all. On my skin this is a faint wood smell dominated by beeswax candles and some kind of fruit note in the background. It’s not bad it’s just not what I was expecting at all. Had I got the incense to develop on me in this, I think I would have liked it much more. This one is a pass for me. Such a shame because I’ve had a lot of luck with Possets incense notes.

  3. I loved Possets incense in Washington State and Holy Holy Holy, but they were both too sweet. This is a lot more dry, but the wood and fruit notes add some sweetness to keep it from being too dry. The fruit is at it strongest when first applied, but fades quickly. The incense is the typical “church” incense, frankincense and myrrh, and it is very incense-dominant. It’s pretty true to the description, though I can’t really detect the beeswax. I hope it will show up after a little more resting. It should also be good for layering, though it’s still strong enough to stand as its own as a perfume.

  4. This transports you into an old Catholic church. Incense is burning, candles are being lit in prayer, the smell of old but well-maintained wood, a slight fruity note. This brings be back to a memory of going to Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal.

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