Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

A tribute to that Seattle institution we all love. The ultimate coffee scent from someone who can’t get enough coffee. The true arabica cuppa mocha right under your nose, freshly ground coffee scenting the backdrop, you have added a large amount of cream to the blend, a shot of vanilla, and you have the perfect treat for a cold day. If you are a coffee lover, this is the blend for you. I hope I don’t get sued over the name but my landlady came up with it and I thought it was a scream. Also, I know there is no acceptable image for this so I thought I would diddle a bit.

So good, I wanted to lick my arm.


2 thoughts on “Moonbux”

  1. After a long nap, Moonbux still wears the same on my skin. The cream note goes to plastic and it spoils the scent. This was a blind buy. I figured the coffee would beat out the cream by a mile but my skin says no. I’ll have to make sure and sample anything with cream/milk in it to make sure this doesn’t happen to me anymore. I’ve even tried layering but at the final dry down that plasticky cream amplifies on me. Lesson learned, from now on samples! It smells amazing out of the bottle but doesn’t agree with my chemistry.

  2. I’m going to rest this bad boy for awhile before I cast judgement. On my skin it smells like some kind of vanilla mocha coffee concoction. Unfortunately I think the cream wants to turn on my skin. This has happened with some milk and cream notes in the past. It lasts about 40 minutes or so before it disappears (or I get used to it). Then I just smell like some kind of vanilla mocha coffee drink. I wish the coffee note in this was stronger. Coffee seems to have a hard time hanging on to my skin for whatever reason.

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