Morgan le Fey

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Dark and richly incense-filled, heavy with spice and not tame, Morgan le Fey is most unusual and supremely attractive. Flowers meet patchouli and collide with spices. Instead of becoming a confused mish-mash it contains a singular character and is captivating. If darkly romantic perfumes are your passion, try Morgan le Fey and don’t be surprised by its addicting properties

Released: Permanent Blends

3 thoughts on “Morgan le Fey”

  1. On my skin this is a mix of gingerbread like spices and a smooth mellow patchouli with some kind of floral note in the background. The overall scent is very hard to describe. This reminds me of Over-the-Rhine but subtly sweet where OTR is powdery. Morgan Le Fey smells different every time I wear it. I never really get an incense vibe from this. If it’s there, it’s unlit incense. There’s nothing smoky in this blend. Sometimes I think I smell gingerbread, sometimes mulling spices and sometimes a syrupy maple note. Sometimes I smell mums and sometimes I smell fresh rose petals and sometimes I smell carnations. It’s all over the place but I like it. Sadly this scent is gone at the 2 hour mark on my skin. If it lasted longer I’d jump on a FS bottle for sure. I think this is a perfume oil that everyone needs to experience for themselves. I have a feeling MLF wears differently on each person. It’s a hard scent to put into words.

  2. Spices, but not overwhelming or offensive. Interesting, very hard to place. Pleasant blend of incense and spice. I suspect the florals are what keeps it pleasant than garish. Not sure I get a strong patchouli (normally I dislike that note on my skin, but I don’t mind this frag). Will keep for mysterious days.

  3. Smells like gingerbread and dirt. One of my favs actually. It taught me that patchouli could be nice.

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