Brand: Possets

Scent Description:  Nevada, it’s HOT. It’s exciting and it gets YOU hot! They work at that, and it’s a natural phenomenon. Supersweet vanilla grabs a sassy orange/citrus for a fast ride through the desert at sunset. Resins drip into and out of the blend, and a blast of spice comes from nowhere to tie it all together. Heat isn’t for everyone, and certainly not for the timid nor for the conformist, unless you really want to have a brief holiday from your hum drum existence. Gives you all the excitement of that last shake before you roll the dice. USA, spicy resin, long lasting.

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “Nevada-HEAT”

  1. Christmas potpourri. The kind my grandma used to call “pot puree”. Cinnamon, clove and misc festive spices propped up by dried orange and a spritz of vanilla and something misc woody. It makes me feel like I’m chewing a scented pine-cone. There’s nothing heat here, it’s all traditional European Christmas, or, failing that, British Xmas. Not bad, but not a hot weather fragrance, and I’m tempted to dump it into some potpourri next Christmas as it feels like it will be a better use of the fragrance (and it would be appreciated, cos, as I said, still doesn’t smell bad at all but I can’t think when I’d wear it).

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