Over-the-Rhine (Rev 1)

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“One of the oldest neighborhoods and most diverse in Cincinnati, Over-the-Rhine is where artists rub shoulders with inner city dwellers and businessmen hustle their way through lawyers and clients. Police and priests, journalists and corporate headquarters types moving to and fro in a city where they swear nothing ever changes, but you know it does in amazing ways.

Over-the-Rhine is Possets’ first all out oriental spicy mix, a blend of the comfortable and the challenging, the familiar with those things we are hard wired to enjoy. Over-the-Rhine really is a picture of how I view this section of town, and if I can paint it with scent instead of with paint, this is what it would be like.OTR doesn’t smell like this, this is the scent portrait of the essence of the place. Characteristics: spicy, warm, unisex, resinous, oriental.

Please Note: Over The Rhine had to undergo a slight reformulation due to one ingredient being discontinued from my supplier. I have managed to keep this blend almost exact to the original and I don’t think you would have known had I not said something. This is Rev 1 and I think it’s identical to the original. ”

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “Over-the-Rhine (Rev 1)”

  1. On my skin this comes across as a powdery Oriental. It’s not a baby powder smell though. I don’t really get anything spicy from this. Something in this reminds me of Eve. I wish this lasted longer. It lasts about 4 hours and I slathered the entire sample vial all over me! I’m not sure if it’s skin chemistry or if the new owners of Possets changed the base oil of their perfumes or what. Lately I haven’t had the best of luck with longevity from this brand like I used to and I’m not sure why. I really enjoyed this one. Possets does a stellar job with Oriental perfumes.

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