Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Years ago the trading ships would come into port and unload their treasures from places like India. Among the wonders were the most beautiful shawls woven with the paisley pattern.Not only were these prized for the beauty of the cloth, but they were heavily scented with patchouli which kept the moths from worrying them. The scent of patchouli lasted for years, decades. There were other things which were part of the fragrance of paisley shawls: the wood in which the garments traveled and were stored, the lovely smells of other fragrant things from the East. Paisley tries to capture the fantasy of what an Indian shawl would smell like when first unfurled after its long and perilous sea trip, and given as a token of love and gratitude by the ship’s captain

Released: 100% Natural Possets

2 thoughts on “Paisley”

  1. My husband loves this! There’s a spicy, resinous quality to it, but muted and smooth. I can smell the wood mentioned in the description as well.

    1. Dee,
      In your opinion, is this a masculine scent or do you think both sexes can wear it? Sometimes Possets doesn’t list their “scent notes”. Was curious to know what you smelled besides the Patchouli. And a little FYI for you…Possets has a special “half off of Paisley sale” for a short time. So if the hubby enjoys it, buy it up on sale. Thanks!

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