Brand: Possets

Scent Description: A supersaturated chocolate solution of chocolated chocolate with a smooth chocolate interior and a chocolate shell covered in chocolate sauce and floating in a puddle of chocolate. All manner of chocolate in one place and that place is heaven. Mmmmm. There is a store in Paris on the Champs Elysées called Maison de Chocolate. This is how it smells when you enter. The most expensive and richest most delectable chocolates are made there. So wonderful that it would be impossible to eat even one quickly even if you were hungry. They are far too good to be wolfed down but must be savored so slowly in delightful torture with the rush of melting and the ecstasy of satisfaction. I have found out what some of the world’s most desired chocolates are made from, what “boosters” they use and what the concentrations of cocoa powders and liqueurs are. Here it is in perfume form. Yes, it has been three years in the making. Let’s hope you can wear it without sustaining multiple bites from your friends.Part of the Valentine 2009 collection.

Released: Permanent Blends

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