Peppermint Pig

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: This one isn’t just peppermint! It IS peppermint. It’s a peppermint which I have fussed over, fooled with, thought about, and perfected and THEN plopped in a bottle for you! So, it’s much better than a plain old peppermint scent, I am aiming for this to be THE peppermint scent.

In Cincinnati there is a tradition of presenting the family with a large pink statue of a pig made out of candy. It tastes like a revved up candy cane. A hammer comes with the pig and everyone gets a chance to break off a piece and devour it. The pig lasts for a surprisingly short time as it is pretty addicting and very refreshing.

I could not stand it, I had to add more things to the mix, the kind of things I just love together at Christmas. A dusting of cinnamon and clove, a background of fresh cut greens and their bark. This one makes me smile every time I wear it. Amazingly alluring.

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