Brand: Possets

Scent Description: A cry out to Mother Ireland. Grain, oatmeal to be precise rich and carby (but gluten free) deep and golden. Covered over with three honeys from various parts of the world (Anatolian, American Sage, and Maltese), a touch of cream and a huge basket of peaches (white Georgia and yellow blush). This is a sweet blend which manages to be fresh instead of sodden sweet. Peach saves it all from collapse and injects a small tartish note to lift it up. Very autumnal and lovely.

2 thoughts on “Banshee”

  1. Ironically I could not detect one single note on me listed in the description. This particular scent ramped up my allergies and sent me into a sneezing jag. Usually I only have this issue with “florals” but something in this doesn’t agree with me. I had to wash this one off after about 30 minutes I just couldn’t take it. Maybe the “grain” note in this is the culprit? It’s not a note that I’ve tried before. I’ve never had an issue with any other note that was listed in the description.

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