Seductive Jesuit

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Nothing is as appealing as something you can’t have. Well, there is nothing more off limits than a brilliant man of the cloth. You would find them at every cocktail party, charming the ladies and challenging the men. Alive and witty, well traveled and bolder than the usual gent, these guys left a string of broken hearts and sighs behind them as they magically disappeared when the proceedings got a bit compromised. Turkish coffee, caramel cream, lavender, a strong and sweet amber. This is another Possets coffee triumph, an element which turns out to be exceptionally versatile and universally loved. Foody. Unisex and seductive.

1 thought on “Seductive Jesuit”

  1. This is my all-time favorite perfume. There is something incredibly intriguing about it that kept me sniffing my wrists for hours the first time I wore it. It lasts FOREVER, and the addition of lavender to creamy coffee makes this the perfect coffee scent for me. It’s unisex for sure, but there is just something so intoxicating and sexy about it. I love it!

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