Reason (Rev. 1)

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: A reformulation and a good one, too! About 6 vanillas and three toffees and a big glop of butter and cream on it all. I have envied chocolate lovers as their favorite treat comes to them in a bar, whereas we vanillaites have to go through lots of exercises to enjoy our obsession. Reason will make you feel totally catered to, with vanilla on top of vanilla with a very gooey and butter laden liquid toffee encapsulation. Unbelievable. This is really strong really concentrated vanilla in so many of it’s incarnations that you might very well o.d. on it. I love this stuff, and I am a perverted vanilla lover of the worst sort. Be advised, there really isn’t anything remotely reasonable about Reason but it is insanely good. Part of the Valentine 2009 collection.

Released: Permanent Blends

3 thoughts on “Reason (Rev. 1)”

  1. A powerful unchanging vanilla-toffee gourmand in the bottle and on my skin. This stuff lasts and lasts and lasts. This is too sweet on it’s own for me but I’ve found it to be a wonderful addition with many of my other perfume oils. Smoke, resins, musk, citrus just to name a few…this perfume oils enhances them all

  2. Vanilla with the density of a black hole. Crazily sticky, golden-brown, sugary and buttery. Lovely and well-blended, but heavy and decadent – powerfully vanilla and caramel and toffee. There’s an element that makes me think of sticks of sugar and wood dipped in caramel or toffee. In the background, though, sometimes there’s something odd and clean which is entirely too soapy to be at home in a gourmand and which sometimes ruins the whole effect. I still love it though, just cos I’m a crazy vanilla fiend of the worst kind.

  3. This reads as chocolate at first. You know bourban vanillas so thick and dark they read as chocolatey? It’s like that. It’s extremely gourmand. There’s a heavy butter toffee in the background that smells like it has been charred a bit. Other than that, I can’t actually pick out individual notes. It’s a very well-blended gourmand that doesn’t pull sickly sweet or too edible to be wearable.

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