Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Samarkand is at the perfect intersection of East and West and the main city on the Silk Road. Filled with delicious musks, resins, patchoulis and incense it must have smelled fabulous. By the way, Samarkand is located in Modern Day Uzbekistan. It was a tremendous destination during the Middle Ages and much of the produce of the East reached Western Europe via trade in this city. Rich proprietary black musk, a thick addition of darkest black tea, knit together with a smooth but almost undetectable attar of roses (which is a catalyst for the whole). The most exquisite nag champa and finally topped off with a thick syrupy aged patchouli and a huge shot of incense. Very very potent stuff, very very sexy

Released: Permanent Blends

2 thoughts on “Samarkand”

  1. Samarkand is a dead ringer for this incense I used to buy. The vendor closed and I lost my connection and have been searching for this smell ever since. This is extremely powerful stuff. Even if your skin eats smells, you will smell this. Lingers on my clothes and coat for days. I’m so happy I found this! I can diffuse this throughout my house and not worry about breathing in incense smoke. This is one of the only Scents with rose (attar of roses) that I can wear without amping. Such a nostalgic scent for me. I really enjoy this. I believe it’s one of, if not the strongest perfume oils that I own.

    1. So I purchased a new bottle of Samarkand and I can’t help but feel that it’s changed. It’s not nearly as strong and the oil seems to be a touch thinner. It still smells good but the attar of roses is much more prominent on both my skin and my clothes. I’m thinking that things will improve with age. My last bottle had aged for years before I finished it. Maybe it’s partly that my skin chemistry changed? I feel like I need to add something deeply resinous or smoky to replicate the results of my old bottle of Samarkand. As I said before it’s not bad, just different but still good. My skin eats up the scent of this new oil faster than the old bottle for reasons unknown. This new bottle is nowhere near to the strongest perfume oil I own.

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