Silver Chypre

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Just the thing to remind you of dark and chilly days, beautiful melancholy and the excitement of a bit of unease. Silver Chypre takes the beauty and sweetness of the silver accord and blends it seamlessly with the bitter and totally grown up chypre made by Possets and the result is a perfectly balanced perfume which is gourmandy but that compliments the dry and fabulous green and leathery chypre. Astoundingly good stuff.

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “Silver Chypre”

  1. I really enjoyed this one. On my skin it reads exactly as the description…their Silver accord combined with a lovely green Chypre. They balance each other out beautifully. The Chypre smells green and has a slight powder note to it. The powder note isn’t baby powder like at all but, maybe powdery violets? Hmm maybe this is how Possets leather accord comes across on my skin? My skin usually eats up their Silver accord but the Chypre notes really seem to give it more staying power. The Silver accord amps this sweet creamy note towards the end of wear…it’s vanilla-like but not if that makes sense. Possets always did do Chypres so well and this one is no exception. If you’re a lover of Chypres then I’d definitely recommend that you give this one a try. Think of a green powdery Chypre with a sweet note that develops with with time on the skin, well mine anyway. *** Another one to try from Possets if this tickles your fancy is Winter(Mucha), another awesome smelling Chypre. Unfortunately, Winter(Mucha) didn’t work on me due to something in the Chypre amping a baby powder death note that took over. Still upset about that since that one smells amazing both in the bottle and on my clothes.

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