1 thought on “Silver Licorice”

  1. I was hoping for something similar to Solstice Scents Black Mallow…sadly, Silver Licorice isn’t it. I hardly get any black licorice out of this, just the smallest little whiff. This is predominantly the famous Possets Silver base on my skin. I’d recommend this to folks who are fearful of black licorice as I find it very very subtle in this blend. I personally was looking for a much more black licorice forward scent. If you’re familiar with black licorice scents…Hexennacht’s Pennywise is a strong black licorice scent (smells like Good&Plenty candy), Solstice Scents Black Mallow is a mid range black licorice scent (smells like black licorice and marshmallows) and Possets Silver Licorice is a soft black licorice scent (smells like Possets vanillic silver base and black licorice). I wish SL was more of a 50/50 mix on me instead of a 10/90 mix of licorice/silver base. At the 2 hour mark this is all silver base on my skin but it’s hard to pick up on the black licorice from the get go.

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