Silver Vanilla

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: What the world has been awaiting, The famous and fabulous Possets’ “silver” accord now combines with some very special vanillas (plural). One sort of vanilla is not enough, this is a combination of: plush, dry, sweet, and resinous vanillas of the most orgasmic sorts. Yes, yes yes. What more can I say? Ineffable.

Released: Permanent Blends

8 thoughts on “Silver Vanilla”

  1. One of the vanillas in this reminds me of my beloved discontinued Arcturus. It’s just what the description says…a mix of several vanillas and Possets famous silver base. I haven’t come across a “silver” perfume from Possets that’s failed me yet. That silver base works really well with my skin chemistry. This lasts between 4-5 hours on me. At about the 3 hour mark this settles in close to the skin. I can smell this on my bedding and clothing well into the next day. I have to be careful about applying too much of this oil. If I slather for some reason the buttery vanilla in this wants to turn to plastic and walks the edge of smelling rancid. If I slather, I need a good hour at least for the perfume oil to calm down and mesh with my skin. Fortunately Possets silver base jives with me and helps that buttery vanilla note behave.

  2. Vanilla musk and the exact damn smell you get when your mum (or you, or another family member) opens the chest of the good silverware. Not even kidding, this has the smell of dust, age, memories and the very specific old, metallic tang of the kind of silver forks and spoons that you religiously count as they get washed up and put back in the chest until the next big family do. I never knew that silverware had a smell until I got a sample of this – unfortunately, as weird and lovely and well-made as it is, I can’t wear it without thinking that I smell like old spoons.

  3. Love this scent! It requires a little rest, but it’s one of my favorite vanillas. My husband calls it, “Professional vanilla”. It’s not a gooey gourmand, it’s somehow sleeker and cleaner than that.

  4. I didn’t really like this! I maybe got a little bit of vanilla? But more overpowering there was this almost cigarette smell? Just really unpleasant, didn’t get any better with age. It also smelled almost metallic. Not a fan

  5. A rich vanilla that the silver accord somehow makes seem ‘cool’, which keeps it from being overly gourmand or foodie and keeps it more of a perfume. Lovely.

  6. Definitely a plush vanilla! Almost reminds me (weirdly) of Werther’s Originals, but not quite as overwhelming. This is dry enough for me to enjoy as someone who isn’t fond of gourmands, but rich enough that it fills a craving for vanilla scents.

  7. Hiya, me again. Wanted to hop in and tell that aging actually did make it better! It’s a really beautiful vanilla now. It’s like a French vanilla, which I usually don’t like, but it’s lighter and not as heavy as French vanilla can be. Not reminiscent of custard. Hard to describe, but it’s so beautiful! A vanilla lover should try this.

  8. I had such high hopes for this. At first, it smells like a lovely, delicate vanilla. But on my skin, it turned to plastic 🙁 Such a shame! I hope it gets better as it ages, but for now, I remain on the hunt for the perfect vanilla.

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