Simulated Cupid

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Oooo spice, ooooo frosting, ooooo skin…clean skin. My word. Simulated Cupid has your number and has you in the chute to make you swoon. More fun than a barrel of itching powder. Again, what can you say which is more on the mark than “simply beautiful”? There are a lot of levels to Simulated Cupid: an element of adult sophistication, a side of juvenile hi jinx, a bit of tell tale frosting stuck on the corner of your mouth. Very pretty, almost unisex (but more feminine), appropriate for all occasions, sweet but deep and not cloying. Vanilla, foody, gourmand, woody.

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “Simulated Cupid”

  1. The spice and frosting together read like the fizzy scent of a Vanilla Coke. The skin note comes into the foreground as baby powder after 30 minutes. It makes a great light scent for spring.

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