Sweet Arabia

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“During the Victorian times, Eastern trade routes flourished. With the advent of faster and more reliable ships things like oude and patchouli, resins and attars could be brought from places like India, China and the Middle East. Having precious raw materials woven into fabulous deep scents is a specialty of Arabian lands and so I am offering you a gem of a perfume which illustrates this grand art lusciously.

A typically Arabian blend with three oudes, “”white”” sandalwood, a hint of charcoal burning (yes, it does have its own very appealing scent), golden copal, and myrrh tears. Strong and long lasting, endowed with a bit of labdanum. This is a woody hypnotic type of fragrance, very deep and about as far away as you can get from goody. At the risk of sounding obscure (though some will know exactly what I mean) it’s a very fabric-like scent (though not like silk). Almost tarry in its dark resinous heart. The best quality ingredients give Sweet Arabia a sparkling polish.

The name comes from a line in Macbeth,””…all the perfumes of sweet Arabia…”””

Released: Permanent Blends

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