The Arc of Venus

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“The planet Venus makes an arc around the Earth which results in a tracery of a five petaled rosette once every 8 years! A very neat and beautiful manifestation of Sacred Geometry. In honor of this celestial rotation, I made the Arc of Venus.

Sexy sandalwood base flirts with black lavender, a very small hint of calendula, “”abstract”” musk, and a bit of sharp grey musk which i seldom use but which goes perfectly in this melange. Very grown up and sophisticated but with a flirty side that can give your encounters a “”come hither”” edge. there is a very slight animalic side to The arc of Venus and that is what maes the perfume so very unusual and attractive.”

Released: Permanent Blends

2 thoughts on “The Arc of Venus”

  1. On my skin, Possets Arc of Venus is a mix of sandalwood, lavender and a perfumed fabric softener type of note that’s somehow both musky and fuzzy. I’m not sure why this hasn’t made it to a FS in my collection as I’ve sampled AoV many times. The first note to fade out is the lavender. The sandalwood follows and I’m left with that expensive smelling perfumed fabric softener kind of a smell. It’s not the classic laundry soap smell that you find in Hexennacht’s Laundromat but, more like my idea of how some fancy high end soap would smell. I don’t detect the calendula but maybe this is the result of it blended into the perfume? This must be what the scent descriptions “come hither edge” is all about. Arc of Venus lasts around 5 hours on me before majorly fading out. At the 5 hour mark it is detectable if I put my nose right up to my perfumed skin but that doesn’t last too much longer than an additional hour maximum. This mystery note that I tried my best to describe is what makes AoV so unique.

  2. Definitely a lovely, sophisticated fragrance – hard to pin down, and quite unique! That grey musk is glorious, and adds some fuzzy, gentle quality to the blend, almost reminiscent of a cashmere jumper. It’s in the same scent family as ambroxan/ambergris. The sandalwood is apparent, all balanced dry woods, alongside hints of aromatic lavender adding the tiniest bit of herbaceousness…it’s a difficult blend to describe, but it’s dry, aromatic, and quite sophisticated. I think this is an excellent showcase for grey musk, but you’d have to like sandalwood to really enjoy this blend, as it’s quite prominent. Lasts 6-7 hours, medium throw.

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