The Field of Reeds

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Relief and relaxation, paradise Egyptian style. Sweet sandalwood and two ambers, a touch of wood for reeds, and a kiss of golden musk, black pepper married with a drop of labdanum and this conjures the eternal happy golden light in which the elect must have bathed every day. A smooth and resinous sweet blend but with enough of the spice kick of a modern perfume to escape being downright primative.

Released: Permanent Blends

2 thoughts on “The Field of Reeds”

  1. The amber in this blend doesn’t agree with my body chemistry at all. It smells like one of the same ambers in Hop Head (a mix of ambers and coffee) and that one didn’t work with me either. The amber goes powdery right away and mixes with a note that turns musty/dusty (in a bad way) on my skin. I seem to have trouble with certain ambers going powdery on me and it’s not a good smell at all. I didn’t get any of the other notes besides what I previously described. It amped in a bad way on me. Lol, there was no “happy golden light” to be smelled unfortunately.

  2. Dry spices and a smooth amber-sandalwood base. This one is hard to nail down but was blissfully not the incense kick I was dreading. It’s a very smooth, dry, understated golden amber with a gorgeous Possets musk to tie it down. The woodsy elements definitely come across but again, dry and golden, reined in by spicy black pepper. Unisex leaning a little sweet. This was a pretty, perfumey dry spiced musk on me, lasted all day.

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