The Girls Love India

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: The impossibly beautiful women of Bollywood and the scurrying violins in the background. Nothing in any way could be as romantic as the resins and extravagant flowers of India mixed with such honey as you only find in the South of the USA. A pungent pairing of exceptionally sweet components which meet, become epic lovers.

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “The Girls Love India”

  1. I ordered a sample a few years prior to ordering a full bottle. Of course I wanted my full bottle right after Possets started a new website and culled most of their collection including this scent. So it was a special order. It ages well. In the bottle it smells exactly like an Indian sari shop so it is a wealth of limbic system scent memories for some of us. On the skin the honey note kicks it off – a bit loud dank and very sweet but this note softens to become the “silk fabric” of the dress shop – so it is an abstract fuzzy flora with a hint of fenugreek, a bit of anise, a bit of hard candy coatning, a bit of nag champa. Skin to nose there is a bit of musty sourness – I am thinking that it is the carrier oil and the fenugreek however it starts to melt into the skin and become more ghee buttery, My final assessment is that it is lovely and I absolutely adore it. It is not for everyone but it captures a very specific scent profile perfectly.

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