The Great Psychiatrist of Babylon

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Back in the day, before a formal id, ego, and super-ego early psychiatrists roamed the land looking for loonies upon whom they could practice their trade. Babylon was a veritable hot bed of psychiatric investigation, and practiced by the female inhabitants of the city. The hypnotic base of the finest Bourbon vanilla shot through with incense smoke and the auxillary smoke from “punk” fire, caramel, incense, and a small shot of whiskey on the side (for medicinal purposes only). There, now don’t you feel better?

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “The Great Psychiatrist of Babylon”

  1. I love this. The smoke note in this smells exactly like extinguished incense that I used to burn back in my school days. It’s a very distinctive smell. People will either love it or hate it. As the smoke recedes the caramelized vanilla sweetness comes to the forefront. I can smell a whisper of whiskey that seems to weave in and out throughout the 5 hour wear time on my skin. I wish it lasted longer on my skin but I can smell it on my clothes the next day.

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