The Mistress of Power

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: An almost indescribable fragrance of great potency. An incense and musk scent, a great oriental. Black, grey, and golden musks at the base, a good part of aged patchouli (which has gone from a thin light yellow to a thick dark brown over the years in the curing cabinet) there is absolutely nothing coy about this blend. Backdrop of a non foody and more brandy-like chocolate liquor, a small amount of clove, all finished off with an ambergris-like musk for a shadow-like staying power.

3 thoughts on “The Mistress of Power”

  1. Oh I LOVE this scent so much!!! On my skin it morphs into a musky chocolate (non foodie) incense concoction. I probably never would’ve gone for this from reading the description but I received a sample and fell madly in love with the Mistress of Power. I always avoided “chocolate” scents figuring they’d make me hungry. MoP has the most wonderful chocolate liquor note that ties this all together beautifully. I believe Howl has the same chocolate note in it for reference. Also for those of you who hesitate at patchouli, not to worry…it’s a very miniscule amount. Just enough to help tie it all together. Smokey, musky, non foodie chocolate yum!
    *side note* When I think of a “foodie chocolate”, I think of chocolate chip cookies and deserts. The chocolate note in this is more like a fancy chocolate liquor, which I associate with “non foodie”. I hope this is helpful to others!

  2. This is the most divine musk, with the chocolate brandy note adding warmth and sweetness. Its completely wearable and extremely sexy. I never found it spicy, so that is an interesting comment to me!

  3. Another spicy gem from Possets! This is musky and delicious. It smells like a fancy spiced chocolate from a chocolatier that sells chocolates for $2.00 a piece. After a bit of wear the patchouli becomes more prominent.

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