The Moon

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“Dante took a trip to Paradise. To get there he had to traverse the Solar System and passed the bodies which were known back in his day. The first one he encounters is the Moon, the “”silvered orb which rules the night””.

White long silky spun threads of 3 white musks combined with an almost creamy insinuation of white beeswax carrying a very sophisticated edge. Not a foody despite the sweetness of beeswax. This blend will intrigue you and tickle you at the same time, a little like falling in love. Somehow, this perfume which reminds me of ballet class when I was a small child beside being a killer sexy scent. Ethereal but warm. Very skin-like and sexily calming.”

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “The Moon”

  1. I wore this on holiday in near 40 degree heat. Sweat was pouring off, I lounged, as often as I could, sad and lifeless in front of the air con… and this, this didn’t beat the heat, but I did enjoy it even as I cooked alive (North/West European here, don’t judge). It’s…wax. And somehow both clean and sexy and absolutely creating this image of being pure, white or silvery white and cool waxy (not melting waxy, which matters when you are way warmer than you are used to). It’s very sleek, very polished, very clean and so completely like if moonstones or an iridescent white-silver-pale-blue colour had a perfume scent. A little too polished and proper for me to pull off in non-sweltering weather, and I could never imagine wearing this in cold weather or rain, but it’s very lovely in the right conditions or on the right person.

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