The Shipman

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“The Shipman tells the tale of an avaricious merchant and his equally money grubbing wife who engage in a financial farce with a canny monk who fleeces them both.

An aquatic as only Possets can do them. The tang of the seashore, rushes up against Lime Bay Rum and a good shot of ship’s wax which was used to lubricate the wood aboard, and skin musk to keep it going for a long time. An outdoorsy fragrance with an unexpectedly smoky note, but still very pretty with a great deal of depth and fun to it. Not somber at all and more of a jolly scent. Try as I might I have not managed to get tired of this fragrance. It is light and cheerful, not one that your nose gets used to, and very suitable for just about any occasion. The Shipman has turned into one of my “”go to”” fragrances especially on hot days or when I think I am going to encounter more anxiety producing times. ”

Released: Permanent Blends

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