The Walled Garden

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Osmanthus (the sweet olive) is a plant that I grow on my windowsill. In the morning I grind fresh coffee beans and the two fragrances combine for a heavenly treat. I usually just enjoy this in my sub conscience but I realized what a great part of my day it was and now I am going to share that sensation with you. This is a cold winter day with the thin light of December combing through the tree branches, but   you are the lady of the house and you are making a good cozy home for your family and this aroma makes you smile. The name is from a concept of Medieval art, a walled garden represented a woman who contained all of the delights of the senses but was protected by and encircling wall, like we protect ourselves from the elements in our homes. Sometimes a unicorn was encircled by a protecting wall or fence, and the idea of protecting innocence was the theme. A small piece of domestic heaven.

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