Venus Black

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: Again, a grand and very very sensual scents. Black in the most sophisticated way. Considered one of the colors, it’s working name was Mars’ Black but it is so wonderfully feminine that there is no way that it could be named after the god of war, it should be named after the goddess of love. Blackest musk flirts with a float of black pepper, a shot of dark sweet pear and the most small amount of sage and non-stinky narcissus for tingle. This one took my breath away when I first made it and was the subject of that blog where I kept on smelling this and hoped I could capture it before I realized I was indeed smelling my own creation and had done what I set about to do! One not to be missed. Dry, musky, spicy.

Released: Permanent Blends

2 thoughts on “Venus Black”

  1. Years ago this was mostly juicy pear on me with a tickle of black pepper and black musk. It was light and great for summer. Now it’s very heavily black musk. It’s a lot drier and I can actually smell that sage note with a bit of sweetness (from the pear? the narcissus?). I guess you could call it feminine? But it reads as more gender neutral leaning feminine to me. I don’t know if the change is part of the aging process or because I’m on HRT now (T).

  2. This one comes across on me as something akin to a generic men’s cologne. I definitely get whiffs of the black musk but it mixes with something(s) in this that makes it read very masculine on me. I almost wonder if I received a sample that was labeled wrong because there is NOTHING feminine smelling about this blend…at least on me. I don’t mind masculine scents but I’m not a fan of this particular blend.

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