Vernal Sun

Brand: Possets

Scent Description: So happy to see the old boy back. Lemon and lightest vanilla like the rays of the welcome spring sunshine. A tiny amount of white musk to make it last for a while, a very very light whiff of the fruits to come in the summer, just to give it a solar tang. A pinch of borage, and drop of carrot but mostly blessed lemon and smooth sweetness.

Released: Permanent Blends

1 thought on “Vernal Sun”

  1. On my skin this is a soft sweet lemon scent. I can pick up the lemon and the white musk right away. The “lightest vanilla” reads as more of a sweet sugar note to me instead. I have no idea what borage smells like and I can’t detect any carrot. The summer fruits are there in the background but I can’t identify what they are exactly. My nose is telling my brain fruit punch/Capri Sun from my childhood but again I cannot pick out any individual summer fruit. The summer fruit note is very soft and does wonderful things to the lemon to keep this from going to lemon cleaner on me. I think Possets description is spot on about this oil being “lemon and smooth sweetness”. Personally I like my perfume oils to be on the stronger more assertive side but this is a lovely blend for the heat and humidity of the summer months. On me this sticks close to the skin and lasts about 5 hours on me. Keep in mind my skin devours scent so YMMV.

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