Yamato Nadeshiko

Brand: Pyewacket Potions

Scent Description: The Wildflower of Nippon; the wise, gentle, and dignified ideal of traditional Japanese womanhood. A perfectly poured cup of fresh green tea touched with soft lemon blossoms, iris root, peony, and pink rose, with a subtle but strong backbone of myrrh.

1 thought on “Yamato Nadeshiko”

  1. It smelled strongly of green tea when I put it on, and the green tea stayed strong for a couple of hours before fading away. This perfume, like Star of the County Down, is very natural and fresh smelling. The rose popped out for a few minutes right before it dried, but it was Bulgarian rose and disappeared on my skin with so many other notes (It was very pretty, though). The myrrh was detectable in the background, and was a little spicy. It went very well with the tea. A strong floral note emerged after a couple of hours, which was probably the peony (though it could have been one of the others, I’m not really able to distinguish), which smelled like white florals. I don’t do too well with white florals, though these were nice and didn’t bother me too much.

    I got a lot of wear time out of this one, I could still smell it over 10 hours later.

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