Lupus Dei

Brand: Sarawen

Scent Description: The Wolf of God is a powerful protector. His scent is a base of sandalwood leather, with whispers of juniper woods and forest mosses to represent his homeland across the pond. Smokey amber blends with the woods notes, and a hint of sweetened red florals tops off this fragrance. Lupus Dei is a leather-woods unisex fragrance bordering to masculine. Part of the Demimonde collection. Main notes: sandalwood, leather accord, juniper woods, amber, red florals

1 thought on “Lupus Dei”

  1. It definitely still smells like actual suede to me, with a certain spiciness to it like when you’re in a shop full of new suede items. I still think the red floral note is nearly unnoticeable, which reminds me of why I love layering it with Poesie – Imperiled Maiden (which is straight rose on me). There is a definite muskiness to this, and it isn’t at all a “clean” fragrance. There is also an element here that smells warm to me, like warm dry grass or when trees/hardpack get really hot. This feels so appropriate for Ethan Chandler.

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