Queen of the Seas

Brand: Sarawen

Scent Description: The ocean spray mingles with the scent of blood oranges and grapefruit stored in the ship’s hold. The aromatic essence of exotic orchid trails after the Sea Queen’s skin as she turns to head below decks. Her cabin door opens and she is greeted by the familiar scent of bay rum, allspice and musk from the previous night’s endeavours. Tomorrow will bring another conquest – for gold does not last forever. Part of the Dragon Fantasy Age set. Main notes: citrus, orchids, ocean, musk, bay rum

1 thought on “Queen of the Seas”

  1. I received this in a swap 2 or 3 years ago, it’s not something I would pick out for myself.
    I have bad luck with aquatic scents; they often smell like cheap cologne or dryer sheets on me
    This one is really mild, though. The orchid note stands out to me the most.
    I don’t get as much citrus as I’d like, though.
    Unfortunately, my skin just eats it up – it has no lasting power and almost no throw/sillage.

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