Brand: Siren Song Elixirs

Scent Description: “The righteous stand before the darkness, and the Maker shall guide their hand.” ~ Leliana

This custom blended fragrance is inspired by Dragon Age’s Leliana, known as the spymaster “Nightingale.” A bard, a rogue, a spy, a master of infiltration and secrets, and a devotee to her faith, Leliana is rare flower with steely thorns.

Fragrance – sensual notes of amber, sandalwood, and vanilla mix with the smell of a rogue – the wood of her bow, the leather of her armor, the tobacco and spice she keeps tucked under her belt. Her scent is deceiving because it possesses the sweetness of peach, pineapple, and green melons to mask her motives. And behind it all, a hint of a delicate blooming floral that can only be found in desolate places by those who seek it with a pure heart.

Key Notes – Smoky woods, vanilla tobacco, soft leather, green melon, dark florals.

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