The Lion of Ferelden

Brand: Siren Song Elixirs

Scent Description: “He smells like elderflower and oakmoss. Suspicious.” -Luka, multiplayer rogue

This custom blended fragrance is inspired by Dragon Age’s Cullen, known as “The Lion of Ferelden.”

In Dragon Age Inquisition multi-player it’s learned that Commander Cullen smells like elderflower and oakmoss, a suspicious combination per Luka. So, why is Luka suspicious? Elderflowers are said to keep away evil spirits and to protect against evil, possibly even witches. Or maybe Luka’s just suspicious because Cullen smells so damn good compared to the rest of the soldiers. 😉

Fragrance – The subtle earthy floral of the elderflower is reminiscent of a warm summer afternoon slipping into dusk, calming, with a hint of sweetness. The oakmoss is a rich green note that adds a sharp, forestry fragrance which is tempered and subdued by the elderflower. Milk & honey add a creamy depth to the floral and moss without adding sweetness, and a splash of caramel adds to the golden notes found in this masculine floral.

Key Notes – Warm and masculine white floral that is subtle and not sweet, base notes of dense greenery, and warm creaminess from milk, honey, caramel.

1 thought on “The Lion of Ferelden”

  1. Tested on me and my partner.
    On me: Clean and gently sweet. Caramel notes start strong and fade down almost immediately. The elderflower is a strong note on me and the oakmoss is mellowed out by the sweet notes. This isn’t too masculine on me, but unfortunately seems to have no lasting power. Oh well.
    On my partner, the caramel note doesn’t fade.

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