Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Fog, cold violet, lichen, ambroxan, mineral accord, petrichor, glass

Released: Fall 2018

4 thoughts on “Hydromancy”

  1. This one’s my absolute fave violet perfume. I don’t get an ‘fog’ or ‘water’ vibe out of this, but it definitely smells hard and glassy (and PURPLE) that it makes me think of violet-flavoured jawbreakers (if, you know, they’re not made with tons of sugar and were created by Michelin-starred chefs). I don’t get any lichen or petrichor sadly, but it smells darkly lush and detailed that I can see this being worn by a Disney villainess. Definitely recommend if you love florals!

  2. Oh wow, I think I’m in love. I was pretty damn sceptical as to how a perfume could possibly smell like fog, but this reminds me so much of exploring the Alishan mountain range in Taiwan, when the mist gets so thick you can’t see the tops of the giant cypress trees. I think I’m getting the forest vibes from the petrichor note? Evocative and nostalgic.

  3. This is the most realistic fog scent I have ever tried! I love how truly cold it feels. Not minty cold, atmospheric cold. It reminds me of all the foggy days in Newfoundland where old growth forest comes alive and the fog bring out the scent of the rocks, the water, the moss.

  4. Oh wow, this is a piece of art. I’m not sure how to put it into words, but it really captures the feeling of water around you. This combination of notes imitates the feeling of water getting in your nose as you plunge beneath, and how refreshing it feels when you come back up and feel how cold a breeze is when it hits your wet face. It reminds me of what swimming as the sun starts setting and the air cools down feels like. This scent captures a lot of the cold and almost metallic solitude of I Believe in Mary Worth, but is much more down to earth and liquid. The petrichor and mineral notes kind of smell like rain on a body of water and the resulting mixture of scents as small splashes are created.

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