Act I: Der Hölle Rache from Die Zauberflöte

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Black Vanilla Pod, Fire, Hot Metal, Night Queen Tulip, Blood Orange Rind, Opium.

Released: Spring 2018

3 thoughts on “Act I: Der Hölle Rache from Die Zauberflöte”

  1. On my skin, it’s a narcotic blend of heat, metal (silver or iron?), and smoky opium with a creamy, tart, and slightly bitter vanilla-blood orange base. Like someone commented a long time ago, it’s like a dangerous gourmet orange creamsicle. I don’t get much of the tulip upfront, but it may be adding to the richness of the mix.

  2. At first I get a smokey, jasmine like floral, and on the dry down it becomes more and more metallic. A dark vanilla blends into the background. With a bit more wear the metal fades to a jasmine like opium scent. I love love loved this for most of the day. At around 5 hours wear it began to morphe into a marmalade like syrupy scent. It is very reminiscent of the lychee jam note from Erinyes, which unfortunately was just too sweet for me. I like this one a bit better since the blood orange isn’t quite as sweet as lychee, but I wish the scent from the morning had stayed longer.

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