An Excellent Day For An Exorcism

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Cathedral incense, black clove, burned parchment, tarnished silver, sacred woods.

Released: Halloween 2017

9 thoughts on “An Excellent Day For An Exorcism”

  1. Goes on burned parchment, settles in as a resinous incense. Sometimes the silver is subtle (just a whiff as I’m pulling away), sometimes it’s almost overwhelmingly present. I love that you can SMELL the silver, such a neat note. I don’t get much clove at all. One of the first scents I ever FS’d.

  2. This smells so much like a hospital— sterilized, cold and empty, clean metal, with something sinister lurking about. I wear it to bed because it’s oddly comforting, but I don’t think I’d ever be brave enough to smell like this at work. The clove and incense come out during drydown to add a bit more depth. It’s a super unique scent; maybe not for the faint of heart!

  3. I was hoping the incense in this would be resinous but it’s more like the stick incense from a head shop. Sweeter though, almost like a cherry clove smell and without the smoke.

  4. I love this scent. I have a really hard time with things that have a strong incense scent, but it fades quickly into something very wearable even for me. This is one of the sixteen92 scents that I think rings very true to the description the brand gives.

  5. This was surprisingly ‘cool’ smelling for an incense blend, which usually come across very warm and emberlike on my skin. I thought it smelled resinous and papery but also like a…damp room? The resins also smelled more beige/taupe to me than red/orange. Didn’t detect much of the clove or the woods, but perhaps the silver was giving the cool/damp feel.

  6. That silver note that Sixteen92 has gets me every time. This showcases that alongside a very churchy intoxicating incense, a touch of spicy clove, smoky burnt paper, and an ethereal interpretation of woods. This combination of notes is hard to describe but it smells so addictive and has a really cold feel to it which I love.

  7. This is surprisingly authentic atmospheric incense. Usually incense clings to my body, but I got the distinct feeling like it was hanging in the air around me. The clove and incense are strong at first. It slowly fades to a woodsy smell that sits close to the skin.

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