Save Ferris

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: funnel cakes & lemonade from Wrigley field, salted pretzels, bright blue skies, cool Lake Michigan breeze, Bueller… Bueller…

Released: Anniversary 2019

3 thoughts on “Save Ferris”

  1. I definitely got a funnel cake\pretzel vibe with a lot of saltinesss and tang. Lots of underlying marine notes to start out too. This mellows to a sweet nostalgic sort of feel that reminds me of leftover perfume and candy.

  2. I remembered that this had lemonade as a note and recognized it quickly. Lemonade and soft pretzels are what I smell first, with the lemonade fading away after an hour or so as another smell comes in, which I wanted to call shaving cream but would now say is probably the breeze note. Whatever it is, it gives a slightly cool feeling that is an interesting replacement to the lemonade.The pretzel bread sticks around, and the sky/breeze/whatever it is gets a little stronger until it is the majority of the scent a few hours later. This was an interesting scent that definitely did remind me of hanging out with friends outside of school.

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