Sometimes You Just Gotta Say W.T.F.

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: aged whisky with a splash of diet Coke, dark amber, tonka, damp pier wood, cold lake water, Time of your life, huh kid?

Released: Anniversary 2019

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Gotta Say W.T.F.”

  1. It’s a little dark and dingy with the damp wood and lake water and whiskey, but I think the amber, soda, and tonka pull it back from becoming dank and murky and gross. On this skin this smells kind of like eggnog. I guess it’s a little nutmeg-y? It doesn’t have the sweetness of eggnog though. It’s also an unusual, unique scent.

  2. No, no, no. I got all of the dark notes with none of the sweetness. I easily picked out the damp wood sniffing blind, but I now see that the rest of it must be the water and dark, thick Coke and whisky. Now that I’m trying, I get a little bit of the caramelization and fizz from the Coke. I’d say this does not lean sweet, if anyone is on the fence.

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