Christmas Town

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Sweet peppermint, fresh snowflakes, soft velvet, chimney soot, shortbread, vanilla musk, tonka bean.

Released: Limited Edition Holiday Trio 2016

4 thoughts on “Christmas Town”

  1. Everything about this is soft, reminiscent of snowfall on the rooftops of the eponymous Christmas Town. It smells like tiny peppermint snowflakes, a bit of smoky soot, and the cold velvet of your coat as you watch the snow fall. It’s comforting but subtle.

  2. I got this one after Christmas so it may not get much wear till next year. Opens with strong peppermint, the shortbread is the other most dominant note with a hint of chimney soot in the background. Sweet to start but less so as it drys down probably the snowflake aspect of it. Love it.

  3. I never knew how much I loved fresh snow in a scent until I tried Christmas Town. It is cold and comforting. The peppermint isn’t overpowering and the chimney soot is subtle but noticeable. For me the shortbread, vanilla musk, and tonka bean blend together as a soft vanilla base. Everything about this scent is soothing and almost rhythmic, like watching the snow fall.

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