Cotton Mather

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Descriptions: Blackened patchouli, woodland mosses, sweet herbs, dried helichrysum, woodsmoke, lamplight, ink, ash and flame.

Released: Fall 2016

8 thoughts on “Cotton Mather”

  1. I am so upset that this did not play nicely with my skin chem. I smelled like mild, warm pee and I’m SO sad.

  2. It’s warm, a little sweet, and very woodsy. The patchouli is great without verging into hippie territory, the mosses, herbs, and floral add a little sweetness, and the smokiness of the woodsmoke, ash, and flame really round it out. I really like it!

  3. BRUH. This is all about that ink note for me. I would never have thought “I want to smell like ink and lamp oil” but I saw a lot of people on Reddit mention Sixteen92’s ink note and I am all over it. So gorgeous. In the wet stage it’s got a sweet, almost buttery undertone, then turns smoky and lamp oil-y.

  4. It’s such a good scent, deeply inky, ashy, sooty, mossy, and dark. The patchouli (and it IS blackened) in combination with the other notes has a sweet quality and doesn’t stray into stereotypical patchouli territory at all IMO. This scent makes me imagine a man running through through lightly wooded pathways, between cabins, near midnight with a lantern swinging in his hand, fervently stirring up fear and suspicion among villagers in the dead of night that witchery is afoot. The scent is good, the man was not. I just find this scent deeply intoxicating and strangely empowering despite the dark history of its namesake.

  5. When I first applied it, it was a heavy perfumey scent that reminds me of S92 sandalwood. After a while it becomes a cold & sweet herbal scent. The herbs are really nice here, but I’m not sure I like the colder scents (the ink & ash?). There is a slight smokiness too. And I do get a hint of the ham-like heliocrysum/immortelle. In the drydown there is this interesting smoky coldness left over.

  6. It has a similar scent profile to Dr. Van Helsing? somehow? But it’s “crunchier”. I don’t know how to explain that. There’s more earthy things in this rather than chocolate. And some underlying dustiness. It’s nice.

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