Death By Stereo!

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Night air on the boardwalk, spun sugar and cider, melted ice cream, cannabis accord, whirling tendrils of nag champa.

Released: Halloween 2017

5 thoughts on “Death By Stereo!”

  1. This one made me sad. I love carnival scents and I love The Lost Boys. I wanted to get mostly the Night air on the boardwalk, spun sugar and cider, melted ice cream, cannabis notes out of this one. And at first, while it’s still wet I get ALL the notes but as soon as it dries all I get is Nag Champa and it’s strong! So sad. I would love to see this same scent without the Nag Champa note.

  2. I bought this as an aura mist to double as a body spray. In this format it’s a gorgeous, vanilla-sweet nag champa with only the slightest hint of cannabis. Super cozy and my mom really likes it too! She says it reminds her of being a teen and walking by headshops in Boston.

  3. This is one of the more unique scents I’ve tried. It gives me the feel of a night carnival but horror themed. The cannabis and spun sugar/cider notes were most prominent at first, and with wear I have an interesting but lovely blend of melted ice cream and nag champa.

  4. The spun sugar and ice cream in this one come across on my skin as vaguely vanilla, spiced by the cider and mellowed by the cannabis flower and nag champa. The scent lasts a decently long time and though it has a strong initial throw it dries down a little closer, only noticeable from average one-on-one conversation distance. This really does bring to mind a carnival after all the little kids have gone home and teenagers are hanging around.

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